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Generator Hire

When you need power and the grid isn't available, you call us for your generator hire needs. We have generators for hire ranging from 20kva to 1250kva. All our sets are in canopies, have large tanks (bulk tanks can be added) and are fit for purpose.

Need power due to a break down, we are available day or night 365 days a year call us and see how quick you get an answer and we will get you sorted with the right generator for the job.

We are electricians with a mechanical background so we are you one stop generator Hire shop. We don't just talk, we do!! 

Our sets up to 240kva are on trailers rated up to 3500kg so we can delivery to you, all other sets are will be delivered using a Hiab company we work very close with.

  • Festivals
  • Temp site power
  • Supply for business due to grid maintenance
  • Auxiliary power for processing plants
  • Reefer containers (ports)
  • Temp standby during maintenance of building standby set.
There isn't much we can't power, if it needs kilowatts we have watt you need.

Rock crushing plant

supply of 500kva

Reeer power

Supply of 250kva to power up Reefer containers at local port


Ready to be delivered


powering up UV plant

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